Protec Sardinia – working on a cave diving base

After finishing the last analyses from the PhD as Greenhorn-Postdoc in Bonn I moved nearly three months to Sardinia. And worked at Protec Sardinia as Boat Captain, Dive Guide, Scientific guide, species collecting Scientist and of course was trained to proceed in cave diving. Basically, it was different work. Different responsibilities, namely for other persons security and life while diving or on the boat. Customer orientated thinking. Interesting at all. Thanks Toddy for that chance and trust in the “Boerni”.

I think often of that island, the mediterranean life style. Enjoying life, taking it somehow not so serious. Okay, there is more sun, admitted. Vitamin D based depressions are not that big deal here. Charming is however, the mix between hectic, fast temper and the mainly relaxed easy-going way. Latter does not include driving a car, mama mia. Always time for a coffee or cappucino. Embedded in a stylish, chic modus operandi of life. Partly distant, but not arrogant as typical for Paris, e.g. Great experience. I miss the boys from Protec Sardinia. Oh, of course the girls either. And finally, the sea. The diving and being overwhelmed by the diversity of species in, under and out of the water. Unbelievable scenery in the caves like walking and diving on a different planet.

And in very early mornings the experience that suddenly at a calm, morning-dusty sea it might happen that with a silent sound but intense presence dolphins appear in the waves of the boat and say hello to intercept and follow the boat a while. What a beauty. What a present moment.

I’ll be back, hopefully many times.

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