I work on different neglected venomous taxa and apply in several projects the full plethora of methods in modern venomics. Within the new Animal Venomics group in Gießen even the expression and bioactivity testing of putative candidates is possible. Linked to LOEWE TBG aspects of genomics are more in the focus as well.


• Methodological aspects in evolutionary and applied venomics







1.) First described venomous crustacean (Remipedia)






• 2.) Venom evolution in dipterans, especially robber flies







• 3.) Venom diversity of marine polychaetes








• 4.) Venom evolution in centipedes (collaborating)






• 5.) Venom evolution in aculeate hymenopterans (new project)

Link to collaborators:

Ronald Jenner, Department of Life Science, Natural History Museum London, UK
Eivind Undheim, Advanced Imaging Center, University of Queensland, AUS
Sebastien Dutertre, (CNRS), Institut des Biomolécules Max Mousseron, University Montpellier, F
Alexander Blanke, Institute for Zoology, University of Cologne, D