bachelor, master and PhD projects

2017 (Current student work and theses)

Bachelor thesis: “Diversität und vertikale Raumnutzung der Fledermäuse im nördlichen Auwald”
Tina Knittel,
Thesis in progress

Master thesis: “Protisten Evolution im Leipziger Auwald”
Julia Richter, Thesis in progress

Open topics 2017 (download: English)

Download (PDF, 338KB)

2016 (Supervised student work and theses)

Bachelor thesis: “Transcriptomic data enlightens the evolution of the first neurotoxin in crustaceans”
Robin Jauss,
Thesis successfully (in English) finished

Master thesis: “First venom characterization of the robber fly Eutolmus rufibarbis (Asilidae, Diptera)”
Nico Fuhrmann, Thesis successfully (in English) finished

PhD thesis: Comparative analyses of venom evolution in neglected pollinators, the flies
Stephan Holger Drukewitz, Thesis started on 01. of April 2016