current projects


  • Comparative Venomics

    Venoms and venom delivery systems are currently studied of  species that are well known to be venomous. At the Natural History Museum in London, I describe the venom and venom delivery apparatus of  the first venomous crustacean, the Remipedia and other so far understudied or neglected taxa that are venomous, like centipedes and polychaetes.


  • Pancrustacean phylogenomics

    After contributing important studies on arthropod and crustacean phylogeny using house-keeping and multiple genes I focused on transcriptomic data to reveal pancrustacean phylogeny contributing transcriptomic data for several unsampled curstaceans including Remipedia and Ostracoda. Now I focus more on the methodological issues concerning transcriptomic/phylogenomic data that hinder so far our outcomes.


  • Marine and terrestrial stygobiontic fauna of “Bel Torrente”, a cave system in Sardinia

    The Gulf di Orosei at the upper Eastcoast of Sardinia harbors several partly highly different cave systems. “Bel Torrente” is one of the more studied ones and recent explorations (covering more than three kilometers) showed the enormous lenghts of this cave, but also its complexity with several dry areas within the system. Basa Hexapods and freshwater crustaceans could be sampled that are being described now.