“Dark venoms: Venom transcriptomics and functional morphology enlighten the first venomous crustacean,
the underwater cave dwelling Remipedia

A longer, more detailed version including scientific results of the first venomous crustacean that are published in the scientific journal “Molecular Biology and Evolution”. http://mbe.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2013/10/16/molbev.mst199.short?rss=1

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“Diving deep for venomous crustaceans”

Live recording of nature live talks to public audience at the David Attenborough studio at the Natural History Museum, London. Presenting remipedes, the first venomous crustaceans, their underwater cave habitats, cave diving and crustacean evolution. For those who did not make it to finally know what the hell I am doing here at the Natural History Museum… here you go. And yes, some potential for me to improve imparting knowledge to the public – I know. Its a new format for me, but really fun. Enjoyed that a lot. Huge thank to my brilliant host Charlotte catching me in some close to lost situations. I cant wait to talk really explicitly about remipede’s venom the next time – the manuscript is under review… feel invited!

[26 min]