Moving to the Natural History Museum, London

The first experience was that tube and railway are not really suitable to travel with large suitcases. Dare to have more than one. The tube traffic system is not built for handicapped people at all. Be aware, if you travel with large suitcases in London, you might fall into the second class becoming seriously handicapped afterwards. Mentally and physically. As the oldest subway system in Europe London Tube might want to change that. Slowly. Do not rush.
Which is another point. Londoners move and act slow. Very slow. You better adapt as a taller German or you seriously might injure people. There is enough time to get on and out tube and train coaches. Yes, even after they have stopped. Actually that is the normal procedure here, you wait until they completely stand still, count silently until 10, and then you stand up and move to leave the coach. Make sure you mumble at least also ten times ‘sorry’, despite you did not bother anyone while exiting the train.
Oh, yeah. And this slowly-ness is also established phenomenon when supermarket shopping. At the cash desk you watch the goods being scanned and then you pack it into bags. Do not touch the bags before or while scanning procedure! It confuses also the cashier becoming seriously stressed feeling that he might work too slow. Which, from a German perspective, is indeed not only a lucky guess… the speed must not suit the German-extreme that the customer breaks out into tears because there is no way to catch up packing goods with lighting-fast scanning¬†service persons, who shovel merciless the goods towards the customers while probably reading a book doing it. Something in between eventually? Very surprising for many persons in the Capital of the Tea is also that one finally has to pay in the end. And search their purse exactly then. In the end. Recognizing it’s not there, but trying instead to pay the almost 100 BPS with vouchers from the last shoppings. You better have a cup of tea prepared.

Yet, its a great capital. That interestingly slows you down in many aspects. Which is welcome, indeed. Surprisingly I felt being home from the first day. Like I have ever been here in London. Which is interesting, because from a historic perspective of a long family history I walk on one of my ancestor’s trail. But that is another blob, blog, ehm story…

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