At a cold winter night -no bad meets no evil

Hither Green, 02.00 am, a frosty, cold winter night in the year 2013. Nearly full moon. I am on a lonely children’s playground in a park near the railroad tracks. Stress reduction.

“Hey man are you all right?”. “Aehm me?”. I let go the metal bar of the swingset on which I hang and drop on my feet. I turn around and look into a tall black man’s face in a long coat, who comes closer. I open my coat and take two steps back getting a bit suspicious, “Yes, I am fine thanks.” “Ah okay, I just passed and saw you hanging there and was going to see if everything is all right”. “Well, thanks, I just hang there after some pull up sets to stretch the muscles”. “Smooth my friend. Are y’a local?”, he asks. “Well I live here yes, but am from Germany”. “Ah I’d thought so, either  Swedish or German, Gute Abende”. “Oh,  you speak some German?” “Not really, worked there only for a short time, but we’ve many Germans here my friend”. “Yes, recognized that, strange”, I answer,” its like coming to London and speak mostly to foreign people. French, Spanish and so on and with the Germans than english”. “Yeah man its many cultures here”, he grabs inside his coat and pulls out cigarettes and a lighter. “Do you smoke?” “No, sorry – actually never did”. “Clever man”. I have to laugh, “well, not sure, eventually – on that topic”. We both smile. “Work or privat trouble, huah?” Damn he is good I think, “yeah, hm …you know…” Well my friend, your young, troubles come – troubles go, ‘t was nice meeting you. I leave you alone then, sorry for bothering. I was also just going to smoke a cigarette before returning home, my wife does not like me to smoke there. Take care”. Saying that, he shortly rises his hand and walks away.

Outskirts of London at night. People care. And respect privacy at the same time. He aint been a stabber but a care taker. I am once more surprised of that city – it makes me think, gives me new, unexpected experiences. Great. I close my coat and also return slowly home. In my head starts the song of Slim shady to play (before he came famous as EMINEM). When bad meets evil… I have to laugh loud.

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